Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweatin' it

I work out at home. Some people think this is lame, but it's perfect for me. I don't waste 20 minutes driving to and from the gym, and more importantly, Madelyn doesn't sit in a gym daycare while mommy sweats it out on a stairmaster. I'm away from her too much as it is, the last thing she needs is TWO daycares in the course of the day.

Plus, when you workout at home you have no excuses. I mean really, who can't find 20 minutes to turn on a DVD?

I thought given all the yucky rainy weather we've been having you may like a few suggestions of my favorite at-home workouts. Obviously when it's nice out we get out and walk or jog, but I think these workouts offer other fitness elements that are really important, especially for women.

1. Body by Bethenny. I know, I know. She's a Bravo reality star. But before you completely discredit her, many people don't know that well before she was on Real Housewives she was a natural foods chef for many celebrities and has done yoga for 20 years. And we've all seen her body. So, that's enough evidence for me. Plus the video is co-hosted by Kristin McGhee who is a yoga industry pro. The video is primarily yoga but there is a great 15 minute weight segment at the end and then a 5 minute "booty bonus" after that. To me the workout is just hard enough to know you're really accomplishing something but not so difficult that you want to die. I like.

2. Another yoga pick- Yogalosophy. I've written about this one before so I won't go into too much detail, but it's by Jennifer Aniston's yoga guru Mandy Ingber who is both likable and situated on something high overlooking the ocean which I find instantly calming. This is really a yoga hybrid workout in that you hold a yoga pose then transition into a core strength move--lunges, squats, pushups, etc. Basic moves, but reinforcing large muscle groups.

3. Jillian's 30 day shred. This is a great 20 minute workout. Seriously, it's only 20 minutes. And it's hard. Matt and I did this together a lot before I got pregnant and I swear this is partly how I lost the baby weight from Madelyn. You use light weights to transition from strength moves to cardio and then abs in three separate circuits without taking a break. It has three different levels but I can only attest for two. I'm pretty sure had I attempted level three it would have included resuscitation via chest paddles. Like I said, it's hard but it works.

4. Elle Beauty Sculpt with Brooklyn Decker. This one is new to me as I just did it for the first time the other night. It's a basic weights workout but you move quickly and will definitely be out of breath. What I like most about it is I thought it was primarily focused on arms but I can't remember the last time my butt was this sore, and looking at Brooklyn Decker you can't help but want to workout. Plus I like her because I've always been a fan of her hubs Andy Roddick. In fact I'm quite certain we were born in the same month in the same hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. That's right, I was born in Omaha. Nebraska. Ever heard of it?

Hopefully that inspires you to squeeze in a quick sweat-session before American Idol tonight! I typically workout as soon as we put Madelyn down so I have the rest of the night free. I try to do yoga twice a week because it has amazing benefits for our mind and body, weights twice a week because I want to tone up, and then walk the other days. It's a good balance, and it keeps me from getting bored.

Go forth and sweat, girls!!


Kristin said...

Me love some Bethenny. And, you have it right on, my friend. Don't underestimate the power of walking. Jog/spring a little. Do movements with weights (including your body weight) that are functional and support your everyday life... like lunges and squats (cleaning in corners, picking up your child), overhead presses (putting stuff in the upper cabinets, picking up your child overhead), situps and other core strength (posture, sitting up to get out of bed). There is no need to be a gym rat to be fit, especially with the proper nutrition!

Michelle said...

I'll have to try out some of those others but I have a total love hate relationship with Jillian! She seriously kicks your butt via video and I have yet to make it past level 2 myself! Plus Averee likes to work out along side of me...she finds it very entertaining :)

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