Friday, March 25, 2011

Sleepless nights

This week has been a week of sleepless nights in the Marden household, so please excuse my lack of posts. And please also excuse if this post doesn't make sense, I'm only half conscious at the moment.

Madelyn had her first official asthma attack. It lasted from Friday until Wednesday. And then, because things were becoming too routine and predictable, she suddenly came down with a stomach virus around 7 p.m. on Wednesday night. Aside from the lack of sleep this means for me I absolutely hate to see her uncomfortable or not feeling well. So, if sleeping with me helps her feel better and get some rest so be it.

Now, Madelyn hasn't slept with me EVER until this week. Not when she was a newborn. Not when she had RSV or pneumonia. And not even on those nights I was having an emotional mommy moment and just wanted to cuddle her to death. It was important to me that she learn to be independent and sleep in her own space. And until now it worked.

But since Monday night she's been sleeping cuddled up right next to me. I can hear every breath and make sure she's ok. She wakes up just to give me a kiss then goes right back to sleep. It's pretty much my version of ooey gooey bliss. But it's time to stop and go back to normal. Mama needs some sleep.

So last night I tried letting her cry when she woke up. It didn't go well. Approximately 40 minutes later I gave in (I know, I know) and brought her in me, just further perpetuating the cycle. She slept like a log. I can't say the same.

Tonight I'm trying a new approach. When I put her in her crib I'm giving her a pillow wrapped in a shirt of mine so it smells like me. It feels vaguely similar to training a new puppy to sleep in his crate at night but I'm hoping it turns out to be my golden ticket to a night of restful bliss. And if she cries, she cries.

I figure it's better than spiking her juice with Benadryl or introducing Matt to the concept of the "family bed". I mean, aren't those the only feasible alternatives?!

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Christi said...

oh i am so sorry it's been such a long week and little miss is having some health issues. i pray for some rest this weekend for you and that her asthma clears up. xoxo

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