Thursday, March 17, 2011

In the name of saving money

Oh the things we do to save a buck.

So with another bambino on the way, and sheer increased financial awareness, Matt and I decided to cut back on some of our expenses. The first thing we did was axe our current cable provider, Comcast, to go with DirectTV which was HALF the price. We get the same channels, the same DVR, and HD (which I really only care about during football season), so it seemed like a bit of a no-brainer.

Before I could say "how do I set the DVR for Bethenny Ever After" they were out here installing everything in a mad fury. And this is where they put the heinous monstrosity that is our satellite dish. Why? Because this is where we had signal. Really? REALLY?! Do you see it? It's that large appendage on the side of my house.
Don't they know I am form over function? I don't give a crap how something works as long as it looks good. This looks ---not good---for the sake of not using an expletive. UGH. I am actually sweating now I am so mad at myself. Why didn't I stand out there an supervise their every move? Whhhyyyyy???!!!

And now, for a grand total savings of $65 a month I get to stare at this

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