Friday, March 11, 2011

Alone Time

To me, alone time is critical. I think really it is for everyone. Sometimes once Madelyn is down I just want to go upstairs and sit in bed and read magazines. Or watch Extreme Couponing on TLC (holy food hoarders—has anyone seen this show?) Alone time is good in small doses. This week I'm planning to use my alone time to actually get something accomplished. Imagine that.

In fact, I have a whole list of projects to work on at night when little miss is sleeping.

Here's what I plan to try and accomplish over the next two weeks. Wish me luck (and energy)!

- Clean out the guest closet since that's where Madelyn will be moving in the coming months
- Clean out Madelyn's closet, pull out all non-fitting clothes and put in bin in garage
- Plan her second birthday party
- Cook! We're going to cook all day this Sunday. I let Madelyn stand on a chair and help me stir and she absolutely loves it. Except she eats copious amounts of whatever we're cooking so I have to watch what is in it. We're going to make enough food for the next two weeks and freeze half for later.
- Organize my recipe binder. (Take a moment to reflect on what a huge nerd I am.)
- Work on our budget. Yes, this is as glamorous as it sounds. But in an effort to save some extra money we're tightening the purse strings a bit. Luckily I love budgeting and playing with numbers so this isn't as much of a chore as it sounds.

- Make a contingency plan. If our house doesn't sell, how do we best accomodate the bambinos and guests in our three bedroom house? I am fully open to suggestions on this one people.

On another note, Madelyn has become surprisingly self sufficient these days. She even takes care of her mommy. The other morning at breakfast she gave me part of her waffle and said "Mommy eat more." I tried to explain to her that mommy doesn't need to eat more mommy needs to eat less, but this reasoning was lost in translation. Then a bit later she told me to take a nap and she brought me a blanket and my phone. Apparently it hasn't gone unnoticed that I have a minor blackberry dependence. Or the need for an occasional cat nap.


Lisa @ lists in my pocket said...

That's funny we had similar weekends! I agree with you - cleaning and massive organizing feels so good sometimes. Post some of your recipes, I love cooking ahead!

Amy said...

Congratulations on #2! I haven't checked you blog in far to long... and it's been fun to "catch up". Good luck with your alone time list. Some days I live for the evening hours after bedtime when I can work on my "list". One suggestion for your bedroom/guestroom dilemma. We couldn't deal with giving up our queen sized guest bed when it was time for Easton to move out of the nursery - so he moved into a queen sized bed. We painted the room and decorated around "him", but the big bed stayed. Then when we have guests, Easton gets a special bed on the floor. He actually loves it. Our guests deal with staying in a little boys room because at least they still have a comfortable bed and privacy at night instead of a sofa or air mattress :).

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