Monday, April 4, 2011

Things your kids do to embarrass you

I happened to catch a clip of Katie Holmes on the Ellen show last week talking about a recent incident with Suri and a box of x-rated gummies. You may have heard about it as somehow this little story captured widespread media attention with headlines like "Wildly Funny or Wildly Inappropriate?" and quickly attacked Katie for her lack of judgement.

Katie and Suri were at Serendipity in New York City getting ice cream (a family establishment mind you) and Suri grabbed a box of x-rated man gummies, to which Katie said "no honey, those aren't Swedish fish" and quickly put them back. But not fast enough for the swarm of paparazzi to snap pictures of Suri red handed.

How could anyone seriously call this inappropriate? Do you really think Katie would hand her child a box of phallic-shaped gummies with a money-hungry flash mob just steps away? I would bet a copious sum of money that the person ridiculing Katie Holmes for this lack of parental judgement doesn't have children. Because if they did they would know that you cannot control every single thing your children do, nor should you want to. And everyone has been embarrassed by their children at one point or another. It's not like she was carrying her around the Scores gift shop for crying out loud.

Good for Katie for laughing it off. Though the real laugh will probably be had by Suri in about 15 years.


Kristin said...

I saw that on Ellen. Give her a break. The media can be so harsh sometimes.

Christi said...

I agree, give her a break! She is such a great Mom, I think. Just imagine if those people taking the pictures had their entire lives photographed?!

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