Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How I'm becoming a hippie mama vol.1

They say becoming a parent changes everything. And that's true. But what I didn't expect was my gradual decline into a baby-wearing, organic detergent using, cloth diapering granola hippie.

Yet here I am.

I guess between watching Food Inc., my best friend's obsession with Paleo, and recall after recall of Aveeno and Johnson & Johnson baby products, I had just had enough.

So here is the story of how I fell down the hippie rabbit hole. Volume 1: baby food.

With Madelyn I told everyone I was going to make her food but truth be told, I was a completely overwhelmed parent for the majority of her first year and not once did our old blender produce an ounce of food for her sweet mouth. Instead, I bought Earth's Best organic food in crates from the grocery store and felt like a total failure. It was organic, she loved it, yet I was defeated. Hippie lesson numero uno: Chill the F Out.

Now here we are and Davis is of age to partake in solid foods. I'm in a much better place and have been planning on making his food for months now. I'm still the parent who turns down her nose at conventional apples, uses the phrase "flax seed" far too often, and who wouldn't give her child Gerber if his life depended on it (with a flair for the dramatic. Obvs.) But I realize I have limits. I'm a working mother. I'll do the best I can and he will be just fine.

So, I'll be using this weekend stock up on said organic produce and then proceed to steam, dice, and puree anything that will stand still long enough. I'll be proud of myself but I'll also know that there will be days when it's easier to succumb to the little glass jars and that's ok.

After all, I always recycle them.

Friday, February 24, 2012

No more manic Mondays

When I went back to work I decided to do so at 80% capacity, so now I only work Tuesday-Friday and I have every Monday off to spend with the littles.

It's fabulous.

And honestly, it is so surprising what a difference one day makes. From a personal perspective it gives us a day to ease into the week, clean the house, run errands (though I have yet to leave the house with both children by myself), and obviously, spend time w/ Davis and Madelyn. From a professional perspective, I still get to experience the fulfillment that comes from my job and (Bonus) the weeks go by so much faster when you only work four days.

Here are a few snapshots from this past Monday. While Davis took his first nap Madelyn and I had a proper tea party in her playroom. She was an excellent hostess, sharing her "cupcakes" with all of her babies and animals and vigilantly pouring me more tea when mine ran out. When Davis was up we would sing songs, read books, or just roll around on the floor together. At one point I left Madelyn alone in her room for a few minutes and upon my return was greeted by her smiling face sitting deep in her closet, covered in what appeared to be a massive explosion of blankets, books, and dresses. She told me she was driving her babies to the park and the closet was her car, which made me wonder if perhaps my personal vehicle has been a bit too cluttered lately giving her the wrong impression.

We also did all of our cooking for the week. I've said before that the only way I can ensure I get healthy food on the table at night is to have one batch cooking session per week so that everything is ready in the fridge when we get home from work. It saves me so much stress and effort and allows me a lot more time to play with the kiddos after work each day when all I have to do is final prep or reheating.

This week we made:

Petite Meatloaves
Baked blueberry oatmeal
Brussels sprouts with bacon
A big batch of my Grandma's chopped spinach
Tilapia in mustard sauce
And planned to supplement with a freezer batch of meatballs for spaghetti and some salads.

No more manic Mondays for this mama. Can I get an Amen?!

Friday, February 17, 2012


I made one New Year's resolution this year. Just one. It wasn't to lose weight or save more money, I'm sick to death of hearing people resolve those things year after year. Instead I wanted to focus on myself and the relationships that mean the most to me. I wanted to work on being a better friend, mother, wife, and employee.

I decided that to execute this idea I would start doing random acts of kindness for people (dubbed r.a.o.k. above) in my life- regularly- so that they know how often I think of them, and how much their involvement in my life matters to me even if it's only fleeting or occasional. I have to tell you—these little acts have brought so much joy to my life. Seriously, I am constantly thinking of what little thing I can do next. The acts I've done have been so simple- I sent a book to a sorority sister, a card to a family member I hadn't talked to in a while, and put together a little valentine for our nanny (who I don't think has a valentine and that makes me sad). This may be the best thing I could do for myself because it instantly takes my thoughts off of ME and puts them on someone else.

And it totally validates the theory, as if I didn't know this already, that doing things for others is always better than doing them for yourself.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Parenthood is...

Finding a crushed cheerio in your ear as you lay your head down at night.

It's finding the cap to every tube of lip gloss you own yet no actual lip gloss.

It's a nightstand that boasts titles like "Bringing up Girls", "Natural Remedies to Childhood Asthma", and "Goodnight Moon."

It's countless hours spent wiping up crumbs and off fingerprints.

And it's saying things you swore you would never say. Because you said so.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mama said

Some days you get to sit down to a quiet, delicious meal in your comfiest pants. Your children eat all of their vegetables. A candle is burning, music is playing, and you sip wine as you discuss the events of the day. You smile, you laugh. Life is good.

Some days you get the flu. Your infant cries in the background because you can't pick him up as you've been instructed by your doctor, who cautiously stood several feet away from you, to avoid him as much as possible. The only thing you're eating for dinner is what can easily be heated in the microwave. And your toddler poops on the floor because you can't get her on the potty fast enough.

Life is good. It may not always be easy. But it's always good.

image from here

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A walk by the lake

It is 65 degrees here in Atlanta today, on the first day of February which, if memory serves me, is typically our coldest month of the year. This is fine with me. I am not a winter person. I don't like any time of year when I can't wear my flip flops and I have a real distaste for the days I have to turn my car on 10 minutes prior to my departure so that I don't risk pneumonia upon entering.

Given these delightful balmy conditions we decided to go down to a local park on Saturday and take a walk by the lake. Here are just a few pictures of our adventures. And as a new and devoted iPhone owner I can attest to the fact that somehow my life appears much more glamorous and interesting through the filters of Instagram. It's a phenomenon I don't understand but one that I'm grateful for :)

Someone couldn't handle all of the excitement so while his sissy played on the playground he enjoyed a nice little siesta.

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