Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An encounter with poop

I think every mom has a good poop story. Poop is just one of those things you spend a lot of time dealing with as the parent of a small child. If you have a fear of poop I'd suggest not reading this post...and also possibly re-evaluating whether or not you want to have children.

It was a quiet Monday evening. Madelyn and I had enjoyed a nice dinner together and with the gross amounts of food that now resided in her hair and bellybutton it was time for a bath. Bathtime is a highlight of Madelyn's day. Not because of the actual bath, but because she loves to play in the vanity cabinet. Usually I start the bath and take her to her room to undress and de-diaper her, but this night she was SO content playing in the cabinet (read: threw a massive tantrum when I tried to take her out of the bathroom) that I figured I'd just strip her down in there.

I checked her diaper for signs of poop. No signs. No smell, no visual, nothin. So I take her diaper off. I realize there is a light streak on the back of her leg and curse myself for not cleaning her well enough at the last diaper change. Then I realize Madelyn has something in her hand that she seems mystified over. It's POOP. When I took off her diaper it fell on the floor and she proceded to start picking it up.


It's on the floor, in her hands, on her leg, her arm and she's trying to eat it.

I grab her arms so she can't get it in her mouth, grab every towel in sight trying to wipe it off, and throw her in the tub as a few pieces quietly float around her. Seriously. I'm covered, she's covered, and there is no escape. Score: MOM: 0, POOP:2.

Needless to say it was a messy situation. I'm still not sure how I got it all cleaned up but rest assured we are all safe and sound and I can consider my entire week an accomplishment as no poop was actually ingested by either party. Praise Jesus.

I spared you the pictures in this post. You're welcome :)


Kristin said...

O.M.G! I am laughing so hard, I am crying. hahahahahahahahaha

Jenn said...


Anonymous said...

GEEZ...your story brings back sooo many memories...LOL....HEEHEEE.....!!!

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