Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring fashions

I wanted to share this deal with you guys incase anyone is looking for some cute new clothes for these wonderful warmer temperatures...Old Navy is offering 20% your entire order online today (sorry for the late notice) with the code ONSPRING. You can still use the code after today but it will only be good for 15% on April 8&9, and 10% on April 10, plus free shipping on orders of $75 or more. Here's what I picked up. Consider my Spring shopping accomplished.
This dress is black to wear as a bathing suit cover up or with a cardigan on a casual day.

This dress is navy because it is super comfortable and very flattering, and when you're a mama chasing after a very busy toddler, comfort is everything. But don't worry, I'm not buying crocs anytime soon. Or EVER.

This cardigan in a pretty aqua to wear over either of the above dresses, or the cute white ruffle tee below.

This super soft and comfy tee in white because it's cute over yoga pants on those days I'm working from home.
I LOVE this top. I got it in this gorgeous emerald green, white, and black. Little bit overboard, but I can wear it with a cardigan to work or with jeans/shorts on the weekend.

This in navy and white because it was on sale for $7 and I couldn't resist. It would be so cute and nautical with the shorts I got (below) in white.

My wardrobe is changing quite a bit for a few reasons. One- now that I'm working from home a few days a week, I don't need fancy clothes to wear to work all the time, I just need enough to get me by. I mean, I don't think anyone notices I'm wearing my black pants twice a week. Two- my clothes have to be comfortable and functional because when you spend most of your time chasing after your child who is trying to leave you in their dust, those two things are very important. Another thing I like right now- Cheap. No point in buying nice clothes when they're just going to get applesauce or dirt on them.

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Kristin said...

can you please get those items for me, too!? Actually, we can probably share now... except not the shorts, because well, my legs are just not shorts legs. Maybe after another month or two of CrossFit... :)

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