Monday, April 19, 2010

Girl Time

There is no question that as I get older the time that is most valuable to me is that spent with my friends and family. When I was younger I enjoyed it but now I truly treasure it. So when Kristin said she was coming down for a good old-fashioned sleepover on Friday night, I could hardly contain my excitement. It was the perfect way to start our fun weekend :)

We took little Miss for a long walk around the neighborhood and got to catch up. Because emailing and/or blackberry chatting almost every day isn't enough, somehow there is always more to discuss. We ate a yummy dinner, watched a DVR'd Saturday Night Live episode (the 2000's recap episode- SO funny), and called it a night. We spent the next day at the Dogwood Festival in Atlanta's Central Park, Piedmont Park. It was an unbelievably gorgeous day and it was so nice just to walk around. We even packed a little picnic lunch but had to trade off eating and chasing the little monkey around. Girl does not like to sit still!

We spent the rest of the weekend busily running errands and working on the house to get ready for the big ParTay this Saturday. Oh, and discovering our love of Daddy's old toy cars....

....And just generally being cute :)

Tonight we're going up to Toys R 'Us to get a few little gifts for her birthday. You know your baby is getting big when you graduate from Babies R Us. Scary. Before I know it she'll be 16 and we'll be heading up to the car dealership. Super scary.

What am I saying? We all know she won't be getting a new car unless one of her grandparents buys it for her!

Hope ya'll have a great week!

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