Thursday, April 15, 2010

The first birthday

Madelyn's first birthday is 7 days away, and since she can't use the computer yet (I think they start that in the toddler room at school these days), I thought I'd share a few of my thoughts regarding her big day. I've only been planning it for oh, 2 months now. Type A much?

The irony is that all along I've said "it's going to be small and laid back. No themes. It's not like she's going to remember it anyways!" In fact, one author, who's book I read while pregnant, said on her daughter's first birthday she and her husband ordered a pizza and took a shot of tequila while congratulating themselves on making it through the first year. Brilliant, I thought. Because really, it's YOU that needs the one year celebration! Your life has been turned upside down, you've lost sleep, your social life, the ability to walk out of your house without some sort of infant bodily fluid on your clothes, the list goes on and on. Cheers to that.

But then I started thinking about it and realized it's not about the ceremonious obligation that the first birthday comes with, it's about taking a day to celebrate this little life, and how lucky we are to have this beautiful, thriving, HEALTHY baby girl. It's a God-given miracle to have a healthy child, and because of that, we plan to party. Although there may still be tequilla involved.

So, Madelyn's birthday party will be held next Saturday at our house over brunch (in my opinion, the Best meal), with only closest friends and family, and no gifts. Instead, I asked guests to bring a donation of a much needed item for the Atlanta Children's Shelter which I'll be delivering the following week. While Matt and I, and her grandparents will still buy her gifts, she certainly has everything she needs and I felt very compelled to do something for those who don't.

There will be a smorgesboard of southern brunch favorites, mimosas, and cupcakes, all in the "theme" colors of light pink and dark pink. Or "blush and bashful" as Shelby on Steel Magnolias would say. Pink paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, personalized cupcake toppers and parting gifts, pink M&Ms (hello! They have her initials all over them!), flowers, way too many monogrammed gifts, and lots and lots of picture taking. I might as well invite the circus at this point.

Can't wait to share all the goodies with you!

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Jenn said...

That's a great idea, Jenn. For Brenna's first birthday we did the same sort of thing. We had guests hang a $1 dollar bill (some did $20) on our "Giving Tree" and donated all the money to St. Judes. I hope to do this for as long as she will let me get away with it. Happy soon to be birthday to Madelyn!

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