Monday, April 12, 2010

I broke the law

This weekend was Extreme Makeover Home Edition at 430 Hillsdale, and in the midst of it all, I became a non-law-abiding citizen. On Sunday Madelyn and I took a little trip up to Michael's to pick up some new frames for the house. I was dealing with a very tired little one who had barely napped at all, and was walking around the store with way more than I could actually carry, so I stuffed a few small things into the bottom of our umbrella stroller....

.....And did not find them again until I was packing our goodies up into the car to leave. AFTER I had checked out. At this point I had a violently screaming baby in the back seat and there was no way I could get her out and go back in. So, I went home and pulled the UPC code stickers off of the items I inadvertently shoplifted, and am taking them back to Michael's today so I can properly pay for my goods. Some example I am setting for Madelyn!

Anyways, back to the fun house stuff. We decided since we were going to stay in the house we wanted to redo Matt's office and make it a little more distinguished and grown-up. We sold his old desk on Craig's List (can you tell me and CL are having mad love affair?) and bought a dusty antique banker's desk. Solid pine, dovetailed drawers. A total score for $50 if you ask me. Friday evening, much to the dismay of our neighbors, we hung out in the garage until 10 p.m. sanding that baby down. Sunday Matt stained it and now we're waiting 48 hours for it to all soak in before we put a nice coat of poly on top and bring her into the house! Since the stain and poly seal have crazy fumes, we probably won't actually be bringing the desk into the house until Friday, but we're super excited. Considering we've never refinished anything, I'm pretty proud of us :) It has been fun and super budget effecient.

We also made the trip up to Snellville, a town about an hour from us and in the middle of nowhere, to pick up our custom headboard for our bedroom. I have always, for as long as I can remember, wanted an upholstered headboard, but with a typical pricetag of $1200 I wasn't holding my breath. UNTIL, I found this little gem called New Again Upholstery, a husband/wife company who upholster anything out of their house for super cheap. You can imagine my delight. Here is our final product, nailhead trim and all, that we snagged for $400. She is gorge.

We also took an armoire from our bedroom and moved it down to Matt's office to serve as his supply closet. It's big and manly, so it's perfect for his space, and it also keeps all of his junk behind closed doors :) I'm planning to reupholster a chair and a half we have and put it in the armoire's old him in our room to serve as a reading corner. Stay tuned.

And just so you know we didn't work and engage in manual labor all weekend, we spent yesterday afternoon at the park with some friends and then hosted an impromptu cookout at our house. It was really fun and so so nice to eat outside on the back deck. I didn't snap any pictures because we were too busy chasing the kiddos around, but it was the perfect end to the weekend :)

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