Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My little Easter bunny

Can you seriously believe how BIG she looks?! I personally cannot!

Madelyn loved Easter. Her new favorite accessory is her pink Easter basket filled with plastic eggs which she carries with her all over the house. She also loved these bunny ears for about 15 seconds. Probably about as long as she'll love this picture when she gets older ;)

Since I haven't given a real Madelyn update in a while and she'll be ONE this month, here are a few of the little milestones we're experiencing at the moment.

As I've mentioned she is walking. I love this milestone in particular (oh who am I kidding, I am a huge sappy nerd who loves all of them) because she can follow me around, doesn't have to be carried, and has started walking over to me and wrapping her arms around my leg giving me big leg hugs.

She also gives regular hugs and those make you feel really special. Especially the ones where she lays her head down on your shoulder. I die.

She plays outside on the playground every day at school (my word for daycare because it makes me feel better) and comes home dirty and smelling like sunscreen, and usually passes out for an hour nap as soon as she gets home. She also got her first bite yesterday from another child in class that wanted her toy....I'm a little less thrilled about this one, but we signed the "boo boo report" and went on our way.

She'll drink water out of her sippy cup but not juice, and is Finally holding her own bottles.

She waves, claps, gives high-fives, says mama and dada and almost "uh oh".

She's seriously gets cuter and sweeter every day. Duh.

She loves to do anything outside and we go on walks almost every night after work.

When we put her in her crib at night to go "nite nite" she talks and sings to herself until she falls asleep.

Strangers still think she's a boy, amidst the pink clothing, the bows, and other obviously feminine accessories. Whatever.

She loves animal crackers, bananas, green beans, and avocados.

She brushes her teeth every night before we go to bed. Rather, I quickly dart the toothbrush in and out of her mouth while she tries to clamp down on my fingers like a great white.

She throws 4-second tantrums when you take something away that she wants. I just ignore her and go about my business and hope we get this phase out of the way early :)

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