Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Woah Nelly

You know how your parents always used to say that one day when you became a parent, your children would pay you back for all of the things you did to them when you were a child? Well, I believe that time has come. It appears Madelyn is going to be quite a large baby and I suspect will likely be making her entrance into this world one to two weeks earlier than planned. I was a large baby and came two weeks early, so at least we're consistent so far:)

Today we had our routine 31 week checkup where they told us that I am measuring at 32 almost 33 weeks. Given the fact that she is measuring large based on last week's ultrasound, and I am now also measuring ahead of schedule, we'll be having an extra ultrasound at 36 weeks to try and gauge her birth weight. If, of course, it appears we are on schedule for a 9-10 pound baby, we'll probably be induced early. Fine with me- as long as she is healthy, the sooner we get to meet her the better!

Random pregnancy fact, but yesterday I learned that the hormone that controls appetite is actually supressed while you are pregnant, so you literally lose control over the ability to stop eating! That gave me some peace of mind.

Also, if you haven't been to a TJ Maxx lately, I highly suggest you stop by. I ran into our local store on my way home from work last night to check out a few baby things and was amazed to find Thymes soaps and products for dirt cheap as well as tons of great housewares. I made off with two of these beautiful throw pillows which I am totally in love with. Currently I have one resting in each end chair of my dining room table, but I'm also toying with using them on a bench in there...not sure yet...I've also heard rumor that they are now carrying shoes from J Crew but I forgot to look.


Jessi said...

the pillows are beautiful!! Great color combinations.

Kristin said...

Apparently they are carrying more than J. Crew shoes! You should stop by the one next to the Home Goods Friday and see if they have anything good. I haven't been yet. And, I love those pillows, but that's not really very surprising, now is it? :)

Kyla @ The Simpsons said...

The pillows are super cute, I like them on the bench :)

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