Monday, February 9, 2009

Warm Weather Makes Me Happy

This weekend it was 70 degrees in Atlanta! 70! I couldn't believe it. I feel so refreshed and energized after just a few days of warm weather. Granted, by Thursday it's going to be back in the 50's, at least we have until then :)

We had a really nice weekend. On Saturday I made this for breakfast (YUM) and then I got out and went for a walk which was so nice. I haven't been able to get much cardio in with our recent frigid temperatures so it felt good to get my blood flowing, though I will say I did not make it very far :) Saturday night we went to a friend's engagement shower and then met another friend out for drinks (and by drinks I mean water with lemon for me of course). Sunday I got to go watch Matt coach his little 10-year-old basketball team to a victory and first place regular season finish! The kids were precious and it was a fun game to watch, plus Matt is so great with kids it's always fun to watch him interact and coach. Sunday night we met our friends Ben and Lisa out for dinner, along with their 21 month-old Haley. We had such a great time and really spent a lot of it watching and laughing at Haley and her hysterical facial expressions and phrases. They were so sweet and even brought us a few adorable little things for Madelyn including toys, onesies, and hairbows! I can't wait to put them in her hair.

This week is a little crazy, but I'm just soaking it all in in preparation for the days when I'm stuck at home on the couch with swolen ankles and a roll of cookie dough- haha ;) I get to have dinner with my Aunt Donna and cousin Daphne tomorrow, we have two doctor's appointments (one of which will yield the last glamour shots of Madelyn before she makes her debut!), Matt has a basketball tournament which will run several evenings this week, and on Wednesday Kristin, Jenny, and I are having girls night and making homemade pizza and watching a movie...I am so looking forward to my girl time.

Tonight I am planning on making my weekly Target run to pick up a few things and peruse around to see what's new, and also inevitably fight the urge to buy little newborn size diapers and then take them home and oooh and aaah over how small they are. Then I'll be heading home to clip my grocery coupons for the week (I am a huge coupon-clipping dork) and hopefully get in a yoga workout. Hope you all have a great week! I'm hoping to have some new belly shots soon as it has definitely taken on a life of it's own--just 11 weeks to go! Crazy!

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Kristin said...

11 weeks!?!?! That's it!?!!?!? Goodness gracious. You'd think I'd know these things. I know you're 29 weeks, but when you say only 11 to go, it makes it sound even more real. Ahhhhhhhh! xoxo

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