Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm in love

My mother, who has excellent taste, found this absolutely perfect chandelier for Madelyn's room at Pottery Barn Kids. I cannot wait to see it hanging in her nursery, it will be the perfect touch of sparkle and girlyness :)

On another note, I'm typically not a huge fan of Old Navy, but given their expansive maternity collection I've become a frequent visitor to their website. Last night I stopped into the store by my house and tried on ths super cute jacket that is currently half off. It is perfect for pregos and non-pregos because it falls straight down from your shoulders allowing plenty of room for a belly if you have one. I'm going to pick one up this weekend while they are still on sale.

I also LOVED this little peacoat/trench, but I'm pretty sure I would have outgrown this about a month from now. Too bad, because it is on sale for just $25!

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