Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Buyers Beware

I feel it is my public duty to share this article with my loyal readers (all 4 of you :)

Here in Atlanta we have two main grocery stores: Kroger and Publix. I am consistently torn between the two, mainly because I love the Publix atmosphere but Kroger has a better selection (especially or organics) and lower prices. Of course, I also supplement with Whole Foods and Trader Joe's inbetween, but down here in the 'burbs we haven't yet been blessed with either of those within a decent proximity to my house.

So, I decided to do some research and found this Dateline study about the cleanest(and not so clean) grocery stores in the country. You'll never guess where my beloved Publix ranked...

Here is the full list from top to bottom. They are ranked based on the average number of health violations per 10 inspections, with "cleanest" at the top. This is one list you don't want to be number 10 on.

1. Food Lion- What?! I don't remember loving these when I lived in Florida

2. Save-A-Lot- I've never been in one of these stores, so I can't judge, but this did surprise me for some reason

3. Wal-Mart- Again, surprised...I do agree they don't have a bad grocery selection...if only I wasn't blinded by the flourescent lights and overwhelming number of people and screaming children everytime I went in there

4. Costco- Love Costco- I should have known they'd rank well

5. Sam's Club- Where is Publix and Kroger?

6. Winn-Dixie

7. Kroger- Finally- this is a less than desirable ranking. 17 average violations vs. Wal Mart's 9...yuck

8. Publix- Wait, you mean the welcoming atmosphere, clean stores, and excellent customer service are now overshadowed by a 22 average violations??!!

9. Albertsons

10. Safeway

As you can see, this doesn't make my decision any easier at all. In fact, I'm tempted to pack up my Publix (ahem) reusable bags and start toting them to Costco every 2 weeks.
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