Sunday, October 19, 2008

First Pregnancy Craving

Everyone has been asking what crazy cravings I've been having since becoming prego. Actually, I haven't had any food cravings at all. BUT, I have been majorly craving the color blue...I know, weird. I have this sudden desire to incorporate more blues and browns into our house decor and unfortunately, once I decide on something like that I go a little crazy making it happen. In other words, I'm impatient and I want it done immediately. I blame it on the hormones. Here are a few pictures that are inspiring me these days. I feel calm just looking at them :)

I also LOVE these idea boards off of one of my absolute favorite design sites. Check it out- you won't believe some of the before and after transformations.


Anonymous said...

Our home decor aesthetics are identical -- I love everything you post as inspiration! I love all of those rooms...we're moving into a new rental, so I'm looking forward to getting a few new fun things to spruce it up and make it our own :) Thanks for these inspirations!

Anonymous said...

He does have a web site, but we're working on updating it, so as soon as it's all finished, I'll send it to you. In the meantime, I will see if he has the pdf of the announcement he did for our friends' baby, Annie. :)

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