Friday, October 15, 2010

This kind of morning

What do you do when you've been stuck in traffic for 55 minutes in jeopardy of missing your 9 a.m. conference call?


Open and boot up your laptop as you continue to drive in lane 6/7 of Atlanta's mess of an interstate. Sip your large latte. And crank up your Friday morning Britney playlist as you speed into work.

While I don't typically condone doing anything but driving in your car (I'm taking to you teenage texters), sometimes you just have of those mornings.

This week has been crazy at work so needless to say I'm pretty excited it's Friday. Even more excited that our highs are only in the 70's for the weekend! Perfect pumpkin patch weather.

As always we have a busy weekend planned, but I'm just so happy Matt is home I could care less what we do. Saturday we're getting up and heading straight to J. Christophers our favorite breakfast place (hello blueberry crunch pancakes), then coming home with full bellies and working on the house all day so that in the coming weeks we can get a For Sale sign in that front yard! We've been doing a lot of praying (begging); a lot of financial planning (not shopping); flipped a few coins, tossed some salt over our shoulder and are hoping for the best. A little luck can't hurt.

Sunday we're going to church and then to the pumpkin patch! You can be sure I'll have a photo filled post ready for Monday morning. I don't know what could possibly be cuter than Madelyn and pumpkins. Or just Madelyn.

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