Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Technical difficulties

I have been trying for three days to post a hysterical recording of Madelyn laughing and cannot figure out how to get it to work. If you know how to make this happen please let me know. Until then I'll blame technology for my lack of posting.

We've had a busy last week as Matt's been working tons of overtime and Madelyn is becoming increasingly mobile which is wearing her mommy out! Luckily, it is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS outside and we have been able to get out and take some long walks, open the windows, enjoy the fresh air. Love it.

Tomorrow we are heading down to Florida for Dai and Andrew's wedding- aren't they the cutest? They're going to have the most gorgeous little bambinos one day. I, for one, am hoping "one day" comes sooner than later, but as much as I want to I am trying not to be the pushy overbearing friend and instead subtly overload them with Madelyn cuteness every chance I get. I think I may be wearing them down ;)

My mom is going to keep Madelyn so we can party it up at the wedding (which is at the beach no less!). I cannot wait to see all my favorite girls from college. And to wear sundresses. My skin is so pale they're going to think I've been living in an igloo for the past year.

I'll be back next week with tons of pictures and I'm sure lots of funny stories of Madelyn running my poor mother ragged. I hope you're ready, mom!!

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Anonymous said...

Your mom is soooo excited about Madelyn's visit...I wish I could be there with her to enjoy it all...
Pleasssse make sure to help her download her pics onto her computer so she can share them all...

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