Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What goes around...

...Comes around, and unfortunately I'm not talking about karma, I'm talking about the beloved fourth member of our home for the last two weeks, RSV. We've come to affectionately refer to RSV as "the crud". He doesn't seem to mind. He's taken us out one by one and seems so happy in our home we're having a hard time getting him to leave. His welcome has been worn out for quite some time now.

One week after Madelyn was diagnosed we went back to the doctor to find out she also had pneumonia. Approximately two days after that Matt and I both got sick with the adult version of the virus and are still fighting it. Luckily Madelyn has been 100% better for about 4 days now and I swear I've never seen her so happy. She just shouts and squeals with joy all day long. We should all be so happy! Matt is feeling better, just dealing with cold-like symptoms. Unfortunately I have asthma and it's completely attacked my lungs, so I have been having a full on asthma attack for about 5 days now. I'm now set up with strong steroids for the next week, inhaled breathing treatments three times a day with a nebulizer, and other misc medicinal treatments and should be good as new in no time.
Here are a few pictures of our weekend and how we've spent the past 10 days. Madelyn got to "play" in her first real snow and Matt got to dress her in head to toe camoflauge (his dream come true). Life is good :)
Before: sick baby girl
Feeling better but getting a bit bored stuck at home with mommy all day:
All better! Now let's play!

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