Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Did I forget to mention...??

That a certain someone has begun saying "mama"?! Yes, it is true. Madelyn now says "mama" and "dada" and many many other words we have yet to decipher.

Also, her new favorite thing to do is open her mouth as wide as she can and then come at my face like she's going to eat my entire head in one foul swoop. I call her baby Jaws. She thinks it's hysterical. She is cute but don't let her kid you, she will bite you and it hurts.
Oh and one more tiny little thing--last week while she was with Matt's mom she took her first few steps!! She has yet to do this for us, but we are anxiously waiting with baited breath.

Also, I recently saw this picture posted in, an interior design blog I like to follow and I fell in love. I'm such a sucker for a room of neutrals.

What I should have said was "did I forget to mention...this is the most random blog post ever". Can you tell my brain is all over the place? Too many anti-asthma medications.

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