Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tidbits from my week...

Random tidbits from the week so far…

  • I had a wonderful Mother's day. It rained outside and I stayed in my robe and jammies until lunch which is this girl's idea of a good time. Matt made my favorite chocolate chip pancakes, the kids loved on me all day, and they also gave me a gorgeous (and way too nice but I love it so I'm keeping it) purse from J Crew. I am a lucky lucky girl.
  • I vowed to my husband, and my self respect, to refrain from ever contributing to the ratings of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise for as long as I shall live Amen. And I broke my promise. They really lost me after the Jason/Molly/Melissa fiasco and I've successfully avoided the past few seasons, but something about sweet single mom Emily roped me right back in. She's just precious and I love that they're producing the season in Charlotte so she can stay at home with her little one. It actually almost felt real…until the men showed up. Honestly, ABC. Shame on you. She's more likely to find a husband in the tampon aisle at Walmart than from the group you "expertly curated" for her. I felt like so many of the guys were chosen for shock value and really, what was with the awkward entrance comments? Am I going to continue to watch? Yes. Am I proud of this? No. No I am not.
  • I got these shoes per another blogger's recommendation and I am in love with them and they were TWENTY DOLLARS. I'd say that's fun money* well spent.
  • I am reading three books right now and clearly have commitment issues when it comes to reading material.
  • I am going to attempt to make a video of a typical conversation between me and Madelyn. Everything is a negotiation. And she has mastered the loud exhaling "UGH!" and condescending eye roll when she doesn't get her way and it is hilarious. I knew with a little girl these things were coming but I thought she'd be closer to 13. Not 3.
 *Fun money- the very small amount of money the hubs and I get each month to spend as we wish. Also known as our respective allowance so someone doesn't go crazy at Target buying things she does not need.

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Heidi @ Sweet Birdie's Nest said...

Ah, yes...I am ashamed to admit that I am going to watch The Bachelorette, too. Seeing as how Emily lives in my hometown (and current town), I feel there's a sense of obligation to watch. Or at least that's what I tell myself so I feel better about watching trash.

And, yes, those shoes are great. I keep looking at them. How in the world did you snag them for $20?!

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