Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little Bud's room

I realized, talking to my friend Meg recently, that I never showed Davis' room on the blog! Shame on me. Here is the "finished" product. It's still not totally done (is anything ever?) but it's pretty close. Matt says it's not "manly" enough to which I say hush. He's not 17 he's 7 months.

A rare moment of Davis sitting still

A cute little grey table I found at a local antique store. Basket with blocks below, basket with books above. Deer antler hooks on the wall with temporary items hanging--I can't seem to find the perfect items so the search continues.

This basket is extremely important to me. It was given to us by a couple who had never even met us when we were in the hospital. They heard about Davis from a friend and left this basket at the front desk full of monogrammed items for Davis, a few things for me, and even something for Madelyn. Just looking at this makes me cry. They even wrote "Davis" on the front and even though it's smudged I can't bring myself to fix it. Amazing people.

His dresser and changing pad opposite the window. That little yellow lion was a gift from Kristin in the hospital. I treasure it. (Pardon the humidifier- we've been a house full of stuffy noses lately)

Another baby-less view of the room.

View from the window.

Picking out a book, and a little sneak peak of Madelyn's room....

I still want a few things for the walls in Davis' room, but it's in pretty good shape right now. The most important thing to me is to keep the majority of the floor space open so that he has plenty of room to move. Have I mentioned he never.stops.moving?? ;)

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