Saturday, May 19, 2012

Exhausted and grateful

I wanted to write a post about what the bambinos are up to these days, not because I think anyone other than my mother is interested, but because I don't want to forget. And I find myself forgetting little things every day so it's best that these little nuggets be preserved in writing somewhere for they are surely doomed if left in my brain.

Madelyn Grace, 3 years old, April 2012
Miss Madelyn, or as she'd prefer we call her, "Princess Madelyn Grace," is into hair bows, barbies, ruffles, pink, nail polish, her baby dolls, purses, and of course, princesses. This one is all girl, folks. She has the most hilarious personality and so often she says things so completely inappropriate that we'll have to go into the other room so she doesn't see us laugh. She is so loving and the most wonderful big sister to Davis. She's just dying for him to get bigger so she can squeeze him to pieces. The other day she looked up at me and said "Mommy, I want to hold your hand just because I love you." I about died. But on top of being loving she is feisty, which while it can make these years a little testy, is a trait I love in her. Everything is a negotiation. If I say we're having oatmeal for breakfast she says "how 'bout...oatmeal and string cheese?" or "how 'bout I eat while I watch a show." And she likes to say "capeche?!" like they used to say on Full House to make sure we understand her request. She calls Davis "Bud" like I do, though I have no idea where that came from. She would live in a dress in a backyard fort like the picture above if we let her and it amazes me every single day what a beautiful, polite little girl she's becoming. She's definitely not my baby anymore.

Davis Allen, 7 months old, May 2012
And then there's this one. My tough little man who is already covered in bruises from attempting things no seven month old should be. This past month Davis started crawling, going from laying down to sitting, and pulling up on everything. If you want to know the real difference between girls and boys here it is: girls never stop talking and boys never stop moving. The end.  It thrills me to see him thriving in this way, though I will admit it's quite busy around here. He's climbing the curtains, the furniture, his sister, everything. But oh my goodness is he a joy. And he loves his mama. It makes me so sad to see how quickly he's growing up- I want him to stay my chubby delicious little baby forever. He's eating lots of baby food, the majority of which I've made myself which I'm shamelessly proud of. And he thinks his big sissy is the most hilarious thing he's ever seen. All she has to do is look at him and he lights up with a smile and a giggle. He drives her crazy always taking her toys and knocking over the block castles she's constructed, but I'm so grateful they will have each other to grow up with. I always tell him how lucky he is that he got Madelyn as his big sister though I know it doesn't feel that way when she's bossing him around, which she does, constantly already.
Being a mom to two kids is not easy, but there is truly something to smile about every second of every day. They are the most amazing blessings and I am unspeakably grateful for them.

To Madelyn and Davis- if throughout the course of your life I can give you two one ounce of the joy you've given me, I will consider my life a wild success. Love, Mommy.

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