Monday, August 8, 2011

Holy Pregnant Panic Attack

If you wonder what it takes to send an 8 month pregnant chick into a manic sweat-induced hysteria let me tell you: having a Pottery Barn delivery crew show up to bring in your gorgeous new sofa and being told that they can't fit it through the door so they'll have to leave it in the garage, and that since it's considered a custom order Pottery Barn won't accept it as a return. 24 hours after you gave your old sofa away and replaced it with a twin-sized blow up mattress on the floor.

Holy panic.

Because God is clearly on my side, and yes, I realize this is just a couch we're talking about, my wonderful husband pulled up in the driveway just as the crew was about to leave and convinced them to try again.

Long story short, the couch is in. We had to remove the front door, remove the sofa legs, we broke my front porch planter, scratched the wood floor and stair banister, but it's in. Which is better than having a very expensive piece of furniture in my garage that can't be used. And nowhere for me to put up my cankles.

Back later with pictures :)

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