Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Big Reveal

Here she is in all her glory--our new sofa. Worth every drop of sweat shed yesterday when you sit on her glorious down wrapped cushions. We have a little more painting to do but we've had so much rain lately it's been too humid, so this isn't a final picture, but it's pretty darn close. First, let me refresh your memory of the dark and depressing tan-drenched before:

And now, the bright and inviting after!

I ordered some pretty pillows at the recommendation of our designer that truth be told are a little out of my comfort zone, but I think will add some much needed PoP to the room. And I forgot to take a picture of our painting over the chairs, but you've already seen that here.

I mentioned a while back that we also decided to convert our rarely-used office into a playroom. Let me just tell you- this may be the best decision we ever made. Madelyn absolutely loves the new space and is in there at all hours of the day. It provides some much-needed storage for her ever expanding toy collection, and a nice open space for us to just hang together as a family. And again, it's got a much more refreshing, open feel to it now.

Here is what the room liked as the office slash room for all of Matt's Georgia paraphernalia (good riddens I say):

And now as our new playroom, which will unfortunately also have to function as our guest room until we move into a larger house. That large chair actually houses a twin mattress inside, which is the only place we have for guests to sleep when they come to visit, but it will do for now. Luckily the only person we really need to accommodate at this point is my mom as she'll be graciously coming up to help me when Davis is born

That large piece to the left is an armoire where we store toys, books, gift wrap, etc. And I swear the pictures on the wall aren't crooked, they just look that way because I am seriously lacking photography skills.

All in all we are thrilled with the changes we've made. They've certainly been a lot of work, time, and money (ahem), but so worth it to give our family an environment we truly enjoy.

Next up- the baby's room. I guess it's time I start that one since he'll be here in about six weeks.

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Kristin said...

I can't wait to see it again in person now with the couch, painting and the pillows when they arrive (and the TV stand painted... that will add some fun)! It seriously feels like you gained an additional 4 feet of width in your LR by painting it. Love it, no surprise there though. :)

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