Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

This is how it all started a few weeks ago. We found out we were having a little boy and suddenly the five bins of pink clothes in the garage would no longer be necessary.

So I brought them all in and sorted them into the bags and bins you see above. And this is what Matt came home too one night after work. Sadly these conditions don't really phase him anymore as it's not unlike me to suddenly reorganize the kitchen cabinets or Madelyn's closet. In fact, I think he'd be more worried if I wasn't engaging in this borderline obsessive behavior.

Anyways, I sorted Madelyn's old clothes into piles, lamenting over each little ruffle and embroidered stitch and wondering how shopping for a boy could ever be fun. I laughed, I cried, I organized like a maniac. And here's where we ended up.

  • 1 bag of the clothes I just can't part with because they're so stinken cute I want to keep them forever and them embarrass her with them when she gets older

  • 1 bag of clothes that are gender-neutral enough for our sweet boy

  • 2 stuffed-t0-the-brim trash bags for Goodwill

  • 1 bin of super cute items I want to keep for my friends who have girls

  • and 1 bin of items to take to the consignment shop
So a few weeks ago I pranced up to the local consignment shop to see how much I could get for my goodies and ended up making about $30! Not too shabby! What did I do with that $30 you ask? Why I turned right around and spent it on boy clothes!

Here's a picture of my loot, including two Ralph Lauren items WITH tags that I got for $5.95 each.

And yes, that spagetti strap top on the left is a ruffly floral number for my first born. Hopefully at some point between now and when she turns 35 I'll actually be able to stop showering her in ruffles. Luckily, I've got time.


Kristin said...

YAY for little boy clothes. :) I cannot wait to meet him. But I will until September, thanks in advance to D for his cooperation. :)

Jessi said...

I've found some really cute boy clothes - I was quite surprised.

Hope you're feeling better.

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