Friday, May 20, 2011


If you're wondering where I've been this week I can now tell you that I've spent the majority of the past four days within the safe confines of my bedroom battling my second stomach bug this pregnancy. I hope this isn't an indication of how this little boy is going to treat me when he gets older.

I first thought said stomach bug was food poisoning as I immediately became sick after eating some strawberries from the farm up the road. This caused me great pain (no pun intended) as those strawberries were damn good and I was immediately sad I'd never be able to buy them again. Until the next day when I found out Matt's mom had the bug too, so she clearly gave it to me when we had them over for dinner on Sunday. Score one for my beloved strawberry farm, zero for my immune system.

Now, almost four days later, I feel much better though am still living solely on a diet of soup, carbs, and Gatorade. Tomorrow I hope to get back to my normal pregnancy diet of carbs, cheese, and ice cream...kidding, kidding.

Hope to be back to normal tomorrow and proving some slightly more interesting posts next week ;)

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