Monday, April 11, 2011

Deep Thoughts w/ Jenn

Do you remember that skit from old school Saturday Night Live? So funny. This is my version of deep thoughts though I'll warn you none of them are very deep at all. In fact they're just a few quick bullets about my life right now because this is how my mind is working at the moment.

  • I think what this baby is padding to my backside is being sucked from my brain because I am quickly becoming the most forgetful person I know. I've gotten in the car three times in the past few weeks ready to drive somewhere without keys.

  • Did you hear Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are touring together this summer? If you're anything like me there is a 16-year-old inside you dying to stalk ticketmaster for these tickets and start mentally planning your outfit for the big reunion. I'm a slave for you Britney. I am.

  • I have ezcema. I thought it was a random rash but it's not. And the only place it appears is my face. Given that I'm knocked up I can't exactly use the super-strong dermatologist-issued cream (which could not only possibly harm the baby but completely undue all of the goodness that comes from my using all-natural body products), so per Kristin's advice I went an alternate route and gave up gluten and dairy for a week. And wouldn't you know the darn rash went away almost immediately. Much to my dismay, because these were two food groups I did not want to give up. But, I'm only eating this way 80% of the time and still my face has remained clear. Oh and I should note, I don't care how much gluten or dairy are in white chocolate dove promises because I'm going to eat one every day no matter what.

  • This week we're eating these and these, in case you're interested. I can attest that both are very very yummy. I'm also challenging myself to completely clear out the fridge, freezer, and pantry before we do any major grocery shopping again. This may make for some interesting meals. Oh, and I don't really have a pantry but it is on my must have wish list for our next house. Whenever this supposed house may come along.

  • We found out today what the sex of our sweet baby is. But I can't tell you yet, because we're announcing it at Madelyn's birthday party next Saturday. I will say baby 2 was very busy moving their mouth, arms, and legs and it was truly awe-inspiring.

  • We're laying sod in our backyard this week. And by "we" I mean "Matt and his friends" which I will gladly thank with pizza and cold beer. I can't wait for Madelyn to have a real backyard to play in instead of a mess of leaves and weeds!

  • I think I may be addicted to chocolate.

See...I told you they weren't deep...

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Jenn said...

Aww, can't wait to hear what sex!!! Hope you're feeling good!

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