Tuesday, December 21, 2010


If there is ever a time for family tradition, it is Christmas. And I love traditions. To me, they are like these little comforting moments in a life that often chaotic and overwhelming. It's not likely that everyone will remember the gifts you got them every year, but they will remember the moments you shared around the tree, the amazing food you ate, the stories you read, and the little things you did to add some personal meaning and sentiment to the day.

When you have a child, this responsibility is heightened. I've racked my brain (and the internet) trying to think of ways to plant these little jewels of tradition into Madelyn's memory, and to make her family Christmas unlike any other. Should we make an annual personalized ornament? Should we buy her a book where we record Christmas memories every year? Bake cookies? The possibilities are endless.

In the end, Matt and I decided to keep it simple. After all, I'm am a "less is more" kind of girl.

So, without further adeu, Marden family tradition #1: On Christmas Eve we're planning to cuddle up in bed together and read Twas the Night Before Christmas. On the inside of the book we'll write a small note each year about where we are, who we're with, etc...

And tradition #2: Pancake breakfast on Christmas day. Because every good holiday should start with an ample serving of carbs.

And tradition #3: We'll give. To everyone we can. I want Madelyn to know that Christmas has little to do with Santa and more to do with helping others in the spirit of Jesus. We have everything we need and far more than what we could ever want, and it's important to us that Madelyn grow up knowing the value of helping others, especially this time of year.
So there you have it. Let the festivities begin!!

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Kristin said...

One of the many reasons I love you. xo

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