Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Practical vs. Not So Much

Merry late Christmas everyone! I hope you are all recovering from the holiday whirlwind. I feel like no matter how much I clean I just can't quite get the house back to normal because every time I move I step on a barbie doll or errant bow.

Santa was very good to us. As were our families, and our neighbors who kindly provided us with enough baked goods to pad my tummy for winter hibernation. Thanks for that.

We really had a wonderful Christmas. Madelyn had a ball opening her gifts (pictures and videos to come thanks to a new toy from my sister, aka, Aunt Lulu), we spent a lot of time with family, and to top it all off, it snowed on Christmas! In Atlanta! It was gorgeous. We got about 3" which was just enough to be pretty without causing any major travel issues, at least for us.

On a random note, one thing that always makes me laugh at Christmas is the vast difference in my Christmas wish list versus Matt's. You see, Matt is a 9 year old boy at heart and he LOVES Christmas. And he isn't shy about his wish list. At any given moment he can spout off idea after idea about what toys he wants. And they are all toys. A four wheeler, an iPad, some fancy accessory for his car; he's really quite ambitious and not at all practical.

And every year I ask for the nice things I won't buy myself but that would really benefit the household: new (super-soft organic) sheets, cookbooks, face wash, and other miscellaneous items that Matt considers totally boring but that I take some ridiculous delight in.

I guess it's just one of our polar differences.

That being said, I was showered with gifts both practical and impractical. All in all I feel very spoiled and very very lucky. And now I know what my parents meant when they used to talk about how it was so much more gratifying to watch your little ones open gifts than to open your own. That is so true.

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