Monday, September 20, 2010


On Saturday we traveled further out into the middle of nowhere than we already live to visit a local farm festival called Heritage Day: A veritable celebration of a simpler way of life. We saw tractors, a moonshine still, and LOTS of overalls. Here are a few pictures from our little adventure.

Matt couldn't resist the homemade peach ice cream.

Neither could Madelyn...

I, on the other hand, opted for something with a little more grease...

All I can say in my defense is worth.every.bite.

Seriously, I'm still thinking about it. Especially when I jog and I feel my butt jiggling behind me, quietly reminding me of my indiscretions.

Damn oreos.

Here you can see how someone took an old car and made a barbeque out of it. Matt was in complete awe over this.

Aforementioned overalls, example 1/94:

The same farm also grows Christmas trees which provided a beautiful backdrop for pictures.

I wore plaid....when in Rome....

And last but obviously not least, the cutest little denim-covered one year old you've ever seen:)

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A R M O M M Y said...

love visiting places like this. enjoying skimming through your {refreshingly honest} blog. xo rae

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