Friday, September 10, 2010


Not sure if that's a word, but I guess the beauty of having your own blog is that you can say whatever you want. Since my brain is fried from a very busy week at work I'm here with a few more random tidbits about our life in the past week.

  • I've been trying to drink less coffee. For one, my consumption was getting way out of control. It was becoming a little bit of an obsession, and with the requisite cream and sugar not the healthiest of choices. Plus I keep reading about all of the amazing health benefits of green tea. Did you know it's PROVEN to reduce your risk of cancer, fight bacteria, and has tons of antioxidants that help your entire body? It's true. Yet at some point today I must have blacked out, driven myself to Dunkin Donuts, and allowed my alter ego to order a LARGE nonfat caramel latte. Shame on you, alter ego.
$3.50 and 15 minutes later I was back home without the slightest clue of what had just happened.

  • I'm working from home today and just spent the last 20 minutes trying to kill a fly that I'm convinced was the devil disguised in a little black body. After incessantly taunting me and no doubt getting quite a laugh out of my inadequate aim with the fly swatter, I opened the front door and out he happily went. How nice to know that I spent 20 minutes going BA-Na-Nas when all I had to do was use a little common sense.
  • We're about to put our house on the market again. Let's face it, I'm super impatient and I hate uncertainty, and I want to move (Now). We'll see what happens.
  • I had the pleasure of holding this little face for a nap earlier this week which never happens anymore. Sorry the picture is so dark, I obviously couldn't use the flash.

  • This Saturday Matt will be traveling up to South Carolina for the Clemson football game and Madelyn and I get to have a girl's day. I think we're going to go to Costco. I just can't think of another place with air conditioning, free food, and $1.25 lowfat frozen yogurt under one roof.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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Kristin said...

Miscellany is a word, but not sure about miscelanny. ;)

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