Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day highlights

A few highlights of the past week...

- My mom came to visit. We love this. She's a huge help with Madelyn and it just gives me such peace to have her around! I think it's ok I'm super attached to my mom at 28. Whatever.

- Matt came home! We have him for three whole weeks. We even got to go out one night ALONE while mom watched Madelyn. Talk about a treat. I ate this. Almost all of it. And yes, it was just as awesome as it looks. Matt reeeally regretted getting the Key Lime pie when they brought this monstrosity out.

- While mom was here we did lots of shopping and she treated me to a few early Christmas gifts. I also think it's ok I'm still spoiled by my parents at 28. I mean, those grey suede pumps were waaay too cute to leave at the store. They didn't belong there. We also planned and purchased Madelyn's entire fall wardrobe which will mostly consist of tunics and leggings, as well as a few sweater dresses. She's seriously stylin.

- On Sunday I went to the store for a quick Publix run that would make anyone think I had a serious dairy addiction, but I got FIVE bags of Kraft shredded cheese and two four-packs of YoPlus yogurt for just $5 and I saved $16! I'm still on cloud 9 about this and it was days ago.

- I love that the US Open is on because I love watching tennis.

- We also spent some time reading at our new table and chairs courtesy of Gigi, riding in our wagon, and generally being mischevious. I cannot believe the sass coming out of this girl. I'm starting to think she's already smarter than me.

Hope everyone has a great week!!

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