Monday, May 24, 2010

Website Rave

Lately, cooking for me has been all about efficiency. Madelyn is ready to eat dinner just after 6 p.m. so whether I work from home or the office, that doesn't leave me much time. I'm also more conscious than ever about what we're eating because I want to make sure she gets a protein/whole grain/ and fruit or veggie with each meal.

This sounds easy, but I assure you, even for a compulsive planner like myself it can get very difficult.

Lately I have been Loving this website, You've Got Supper. They have tons of healthy recipes with very few ingredients that cook up in no time at all. If you sign up, they'll also send you a weekly list of recipes with shopping list.

Here are a few I've tried and some others that are on my radar- enjoy!!

Proven delicious:

In my lineup for the next few weeks:

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Kristin said...

Thanks! I can always use recipe ideas. I'm bad at planning dinner.

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