Thursday, May 27, 2010


You know how they say bad things happen in threes?? Well we're on number 2--anyone want to take a stab at what's coming for number 3??!!

Let me preface this by saying these really are not bad things, just inconvenient and expensive- two things I strongly dislike. Everyone is healthy and therefore these are just little, minor, pains in my generous rear end.

First my car went into the shop last week. Turns out I needed new brakes AND some oxygen sensor was out. I drive a 2000 Lexus SUV (which I got for a STEAL in 2004) that I absolutely love but I swear this part would have cost $50 on a Kia. On my car, $300. Ouch.

Then over the weekend I began noticing a squeaking, scratching sound in the upper right corner of our master bathroom vanity, where the ceiling meets the wall. Whatever it was decided to squeak the entire time I laid in bed that night, and hasn't really stopped since. We have an "animal removal service" coming out today to see what's going on. We can't tell if it's a squirrel, bird, mouse (pleeease not a rat) given that there are no real patterns to it's sounds, so it should be interesting. Inspection fee: $150. Trapping fee: $350.

I wish I was braver and I'd get up there and trap the darn thing for myself for $350!!! I just hope it's not a baby and they don't have to kill it. Other than that, I look forward to hopefully some quiet, sleepful nights in our future.

And so we wait to see when and where blessed number three will choose to rear his ugly head...


Kristin said...

Maybe since we're so close, my stitches were actually #1 so the animal is #3. :)

Katie said...

We had a rat in our house! I even saw it one morning. I have never screamed as loud or run as fast and I did that day, I swear. Anyway...we paid this guy TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS to remove (aka trap and kill) the rat, and then completely clean our crawl space and attic and seal every opening. I guess it's worth it to know there is no way another rat is getting anywhere close to the house...but's not cheap getting rid of critters!

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