Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Warning: boring post-less week ahead

This is just a warning to my loyal followers (hi Mom, aunt Sue, and Kristin) that this week I'm buried in an offsite work meeting so I won't be posting my usual exciting updates on our life and Madelyn's newest accomplishments. Instead will leave you with a few quick notes below, and see you next week :)

Our house is officially on the market, and after being listed for 3 days we had 3 potential buyers! Good start. Of course, having to constantly keep our house clean while living with an 18lb tazmanian devil is adding a whole new dimension of fun to our everyday life :)

Madelyn is recovering from pink eye. In both eyes. Thank you day care.

I celebrated my 28th bday yesterday and had such a great day. More to come on that later. I was pretty spoiled.

It's finally in the 50's again, and even in the 60's today. I can't wait to stare at the beautiful weather from the prison conference room where I'll be spending the next three days.

I'm usually not this negative, I swear.


Kristin said...

Debbie Downer! ;) xoxo

Katie said...

hey, hey, hey now! i am quite loyal in my following :)

ALR said...

I thought your post was pretty funny. You have a beautiful family. I hope you sell your house soon. My husband and I just finished building a house and moved in December 23rd. It is definatley a lot of work selling a house and moving on to the next. Happy belated birthday and I hope your week isn't too bad.

Amy R.

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