Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthday Rundown

I'm not a huge birthday person. All I ask is that it's acknowledged, with a "happy birthday" right when I wake up, maybe a card, and perhaps a day of not having to do dishes and laundry. This year, everyone went way above and beyond, and I have to admit, I liked it.

See, Matt is a serious birthday celebrator. Like, for real. He doesn't have a birthDAY, he has a birth-month. I think it's a little ridiculous, but I humor him :)

He hit the nail on the head by getting me a much needed spa day for my 28th. It was awesome. Pedicure and massage, a Starbuck's iced nonfat caramel macchiato in one hand and a trashy US Weekly in the other. Mindless relaxation at it's best. Heaven, really.
My dad gave me money to finish our new master bed (yay!), Kristin came down and took me and Madelyn to lunch, my mom got me the Best skinny jeans ever from Loft (I would wear them every. single. day if I could. I haven't even washed them yet because I'm afraid they won't be the same. I know it's gross, but if you could see how cute they are you'd understand) and an adorable cardigan (something else I live in). I also got money from Matt's family (I told you I was spoiled) and I did something I never do- I totally splurged on a new Coach bag and a Loft shopping spree. There was a major sale and I got two pairs of pants, a sweater, and 4 shirts for $120! Highway robbery. Usually I'd save the money, or buy something I needed instead of wanted, but for some reason this time I felt the need to just spoil myself.

Maybe next year we'll devote the entire month of January to celebrating my 29th...this big to-do isn't so bad after all ;)


Kristin said...

I've got something else for you too. :) Being spoiled is fun, and you deserve it! xoxo

Sara Brown said...

Happy birthday! Just a little note to let you know that I read your blog, too:) Your baby girl is precious and I love seeing what you guys have been up to - now I know what I have to look forward to!

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