Monday, February 1, 2010

Nerd Alert

Saturday I was at the Atlanta airport picking up one of my dearest friends, Dai, and who should walk off the escalator but Rebecca from my absolute favorite show, Brothers and Sisters!

I. Die.

So, I play it cool, feverishly looking around to see if anyone else recognizes her but no one seems to care. Granted, she has no makeup on, hair in a bun, pretty inconspicuous, so unless you were a die hard fan like myself you probably wouldn't even notice.

I called Matt, who gets a little bit of a "I'd leave my wife for you" face everytime her character appears onscreen (kidding. kind of) and he immediately insisted I go talk to her. All the while she's walking further away from me and I don't do anything at all.

She goes into the bathroom, Dai appears, we hug, I stall a little bit in hopes that she comes out of the bathroom and I can just tell her I love her show and welcome to Atlanta, but she took quite a bit of time in the loo and thus we had to leave. I mean, I didn't want to seem too desperate. But truth be told, was dying to talk to her. Serious nerd alert.

I'm starting to think I have Atlanta airport celebrity super powers, because I also saw Mary Lou Retton there a few years ago. She was way shorter than I imagined. Didn't talk to her either. I am really So lame.

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