Friday, August 28, 2009

Plan B

Sadly, spread the happiness with random acts of kindness week came to a screeching halt on Wednesday when I came down with some sort of cold. I guess it will have to wait until next week. This week has pretty much been a wash.

Between Matt working long hours (in a far away office) training for his new job, me being sick and busy at work, and of course the little munchkin, it's been a bit hectic. And tiring! I've been going to bed a 9 every night.

I will say, the one good thing about daycare is that the kids "play" so much that they are completely worn out at the end of the day. Madelyn typically falls asleep in the car on the way home and sleeps until 6-6:30. Here she is on Wednesday. So tired she couldn't even hold her little head up.

Look at the chub on those legs! I love it.

This weekend we're attending Kristin's husband Matt's 30th birthday bonanza at their new house and then spending some time with Matt's parents. Next week my mom and aunt Sue are coming into town for Labor Day so I have lots of cleaning to do in preparation for their arrival. I'm so excited for them to see Madelyn and her sweet personality. Here are a few new facts about our little pride and joy.

- She likes to be spoken to in adult voices, not baby talk, and she loooves to watch me talk to people when she doesn't think I'm looking. I think it's because she hears my voice the way she heard it in the womb and she's totally captivated. I just can't help but raise my voice a little when I talk to her! It's like a cuteness reflex.

- She wants to stand and "walk" picking up one foot after the other.

- She has started laughing and it is OhMYGoodness precious.

I'm trying to decide what I want to dress her up as for Halloween. The obvious choice would be a monkey since that's what I call her, but I don't want her to look like a little boy! check this one out:

And this is just too much- it's a peacock! She'd kill me when she found these pictures later in life. Seriously. I die. (sidenote: I've picked up saying "I die" from watching the Rachael Zoe Project on Bravo. Those of you who watch know what I'm talking about. If you aren't watching, you should.)


Kristin said...

Is this a vote? Because if so, I vote peacock. That is so cute and I've never seen it before! Okay, back to getting ready for tomorrow... xoxo!

Kristin said...

Old Navy as a lot of cute ones you should check out :)

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