Thursday, August 13, 2009

I've Got the Fever

No, not baby fever- are you people crazy? (you'd be shocked to know the number of people who ask me if I'm ready for number two with a little wink and nudge nudge...are you kidding me? I don't even answer, I just shoot them a look that subtly says "please don't insult me with such ridiculous questions" which I think is answer enough.)

And no, it's not a flu or illness-related fever...luckily the family has somehow warded off the swine flu which is a miracle given that Madelyn constantly has her hands in her mouth...(she's teething, so if hands in the mouth make her happy she can have at it)

I've got new house fever!!

Matt and I drove around last night up in Atlanta looking at new houses and I so have the fever. I of course have to play it cool and can't express this to Matt just yet because I want him to think I'm being rational and subjective about the location and style of our new house. We found two neighborhoods we really liked, both have the rear-entry garages and smaller yards but lots of public spaces and playgrounds which I love. They all also happen to have front porches, sidewalks, nice upgraded features (granite, hardwoods, trim work, etc) which has always been my dream.

See exhibit A. I could just see Matt and I enjoying an iced tea on this porch while we watch Madelyn play in our nicely manicured, fenced in yard (that faces a park!).

While we prepare to put our current house on the market (and I have a momentary "holy crap we have a lot to do" moment), please take a moment to rack your brain for anyone you know who may want to live in the beautiful suburb of Fayetteville, Georgia and send them my way :)

In addition to the beautiful houses in this family-friendly, Truman-show'ish neighborhood (did I mention one of my sorority sisters from college lives in here?) are the abundance of awesome restaurants in the area, close proximity to the zoo, Piedmont Park, and other activities children enjoy, as well as a FIFTEEN minute commute to my office. That's an hour and a half everyday I could spend cooking in my gourmet kitchen or playing with my baby girl that I currently spend in the car. Did I mention Kristin would live appx. 2.5 miles away? Holy fun-ness.

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Kristin said...

Like I said, I would die and go to heaven if we lived near each other. It'd be just like senior year, only funner!

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