Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Two Year Anniversary to US!

Usually people say "I can't believe it's already been (insert # of years here) years! It feels like just yesterday we got married!". Today is mine and Matt's two year anniversay and I would actually say that it feels like we've been married exactly two years. The time is definitely flying by but I feel like we've accomplished so much in two years that I want to give that amount of time the credit it is due :)

Matt and I met by random chance (God's plan I say) at my cousin's wedding. It's a really cute story that I will tell in its entirety some other time, but I knew that day that I was going to marry Matt, and I think he'd say the same thing. I think that anyone who knows him would agree that he is one of the nicest, most genuine people you will ever meet. He is very fun and goofy but also very sweet and caring--he is an all around awesome husband and father.

I'm really proud of all that we've accomplished in two years. We bought and basically renovated/updated every single room, paid off some major debt and still managed to save a decent amount of money, survived the hormonal inbalances of pregnancy and had the most beautiful little girl in the entire world (seriously), made it through a tough time with Matt's job, and much more that I won't bore you by listing.

Since things have been a little bit crazy lately, we decided to postpone our anniversary celebration a few weeks, and then we plan to go out to a really nice dinner together which is something we haven't done in a long time. We also decided that for our gift to each other we are going to get bikes so that we can go on family bike rides. We both love to be outside and I really love that it's an activity we can do together and it's something Madelyn will enjoy when she gets older.

Even though we are postponing our official anniversary celebration for a few weeks, we are definitely going to enjoy spending some family time together tonight, and maybe a glass or two of wine :)

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