Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I don't know who came up with "Z" being synonomous with sleeping, but that's what I wish I was doing right now. I've been used to not sleeping through the night for a few months now, waking up often to use the restroom, get comfortable, etc... but I think now my body is really preparing me for those sleepless nights with little one because I cannot get a good night's sleep! I have reached the point where I'm just uncomfortable no matter what I do, and I know all of my tossing and turning is making for a very sleep-deprived husband as well. Aaah well, I will look back on those those old restful nights with fondness and look forward to them returning one day...hopefully....

On another note, we finally filed our taxes and were pleasantly surprised with the money we're getting back! That was definitely a nice surprise. Our big splurge is going to be a Canon Rebel to document all of Madelyn's adorableness:)

We're also going to do a few more little things to the house before Madelyn's arrival (new knobs and hinges upstairs, possibly nightstands for the Master bedroom) as well as put a large chunk of it into savings. Speaking of saving, below are a few of the websites I use to save money at the grocery store incase anyone is interested. It's amazing how much you can save if you just shop the sales and use coupons. It's definitely worth the extra 30 minute investment every week.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Sorry this post is a little boring- I am a little braindead from sleep deprivation :)

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kristy said...

hey, i emailed my sister and forwarded her your blog and she does know you! what a small world! can't believe you both used to work together! she's at harvard now, and will return to atlanta after she graduates!

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