Monday, March 23, 2009

Reality Check

Every week I get an update from on Madelyn's size, weight, etc. This week all it said was "less than a month to go- better get that car seat installed!" Apparently we're no longer interested in developmental milestones like opening and closing her eyes, hiccups, the ability to hear me speak, etc, but the logistical details of preparing for her arrival. Talk about a reality check...this kid is coming soon!

I can say that I'm definitely feeling the effects of her size, and it really just started a few days ago. It's hard to take a deep breath because she's pressing up against my lungs and diaphragm, I get exhausted after doing anything- seriously, anything that involves even remote physical movement, and it's generally difficult to get comfortable anywhere. But, that being said, I still have been blessed with NO swelling, stretchmarks, widening of the nose (it does happen), and other less than desirable side effects, so I am Not complaining.

I also received a wonderful surprise yesterday when my Dad informed me he was flying in tonight just to see us one last time before Madelyn arrives! I'm picking him up at 3:45 and can't wait to see him. Of course in true Dad fashion, yesterday was HIS birthday and he's doing something to surprise me...typical :)

This week we'll be busy continuing to prepare for little one's arrival. Matt is going to start putting all of her goodies together (swing, stroller, etc) and I'm going to fine tune her room and wardrobe. Then Sunday Kristin and Jenny are throwing me a little brunch for us girls to get together one (potentially) last time before she comes. We're trying to see our friends as much as possible before we got into hiding:)

Jenny was kind enough to take some pictures of us when we were out at Serenbe (this great self-sustainable community) for brunch on Saturday which I'll be sure to post soon. For now, enjoy the picture above that Matt took of Kristin, me, and Jenny :)

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Kristin said...

Aw yay! We're just a little bit excited about little Miss Madelyn! :) Looking forward to seeing you three times in 8 days and for your shower/brunch! Hugs to Poppa Dave. xoxo

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