Tuesday, January 13, 2009

...never a dull moment...

One of our main goals for the next few months is to save as much money as we can in preparation for little Madelyn. Last year we successfully paid off all consumer debts so all that remains now is Matt's Tahoe and the house, and we also managed to save up a nice little emergency fund for ourselves. Granted, this process was never fun, looking back now we are very proud of ourselves. Well, we are always reminded why you should have an emergency fund, as witnessed by the events of this past week.

First, as you know, we re-did our kitchen. We wanted to pay cash for everything so this was certainly a worthy use of our savings.
In the midst of re-doing the kitchen our refridgerator broke. For about 4 days we had all of our frozen goods in a cooler in the garage (being refreshed with new ice daily since it was of course warm at the time). In addition to the fridge, my car had to go into the shop. All in all, major crisis was averted, Thank Goodness, but had we not had the savings we would have been in serious trouble. We managed to keep the damage under $500 which was nothing short of a miracle, but it sure was nice to pay for that on our own and not with a credit card.
We now have a re-opened leak in the dining room ceiling from our master shower that Matt will be working to fix this week...like I said, never a dull moment. Aaah the joys of home ownership:)

On a good note, sweet, patient Matt was kind enough to get the nursery all set up with Maddy's furniture and it is so cute!!! (I swear he has been working non-stop on the house)
I've attached a few pictures so that you can see. We still have a bit of actual decorating to do, but it's nice to have the main pieces up in there and WOAH is it a reality check everytime we walk by that room!! It's so hard to imagine that in appx. 100 days there will be a little baby in that crib:) (*Note, that ottoman to the left of the hutch is being recovered)

This week is actually fairly quiet for us which should be nice. I'm planning to re-do our budget which I realize doesn't sound exciting to most people but to a type-A excel-driven person like myself it's actually a way I de-stress. I'm also booking our baby-moon which I'll post more details on later, and then Sunday celebrating my 27th birthday up at Matt's parent's house!

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