Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Love Ruffles

I have an unexplainable passion for clothing that has ruffles on it. So, in honor of this fashion trend, I thought I would showcase a few of the super-cute items I've seen recently.

Over Thanksgiving I bought this adorable sweater from Gap and now want it in every color. To top it off, they make it in maternity sizes too! It is suuuuper comfortable on top of super cute.

I bought myself a Christmas present at Kohls a few weeks ago for Matt to give me. It was a black and white houndstooth coat that I was convinced was going to be my new favorite winter accessory....until I saw this in the Victoria's Secret catalog...and it was love at first sight. Tonight I'm returning the coat to Kohls so hubby can get me this instead ;)

I also spotted these pj's in the VS catalog that I thought would be great for the hospital after Madelyn is born. Luckily now you can change out of the hospital gown after delivery, so I want to be sure to have cute jammies for when visitors stop by.(Please excuse the semi-naked girl- this is still a PG blog- I just couldn't find a better picture!)

Another top from Gap Maternity that is on my Christmas wish list- they also make this one in regular sizes:

And lastly, it may be a J Crew knock off, but it's a darn good one. Behold the ruffle cardigan from Old Navy, on sale for just $20!

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Anonymous said...

You should go check out the cute ruffle cardi sweaters over at Target too. I think you would love them!

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