Thursday, September 4, 2008

Book Rave!

I wanted to post about this great book I found a few months ago. It is written by Kimberly Kennedy, a fellow Atlantan, who won a reality show a few years ago to be the "next Martha Stewart." I never saw the show, but I sat across from Kimberly at a cooking show at Cook's Warehouse and then bought her book. The book is called "The Art and Craft of Entertaining" and it's a simple guide to finding your style and throwing simple yet impressive dinner parties, baby showers, wine and cheese parties, etc. Kimberly has excellent and very classic taste and many of her ideas present themselves in a way that makes them seem difficult yet in reality they are not. I LOVE this book. I have probably read it 3 times and I often go to it for new ideas or just a refresher on how to spice things up a bit. I emailed Kimberly to tell her how much I enjoyed her ideas and she wrote me back saying that she is planning another book, and is teaching a class at Cook's Warehouse on Thursday, Nov. 6 if anyone is interested in going with me! I've included her website, and the book synopsis from Amazon below. I highly recommend you check her out.


Book synopsis from Amazon: That's the question we start with when thinking about throwing a party -- and for many of us, that's the question we end with, too. We may like the idea of entertaining friends and family in our home, but the details -- those how to's of planning the party, making the food, and playing hostess -- can quickly overwhelm us, prompting us to tuck away the idea, waiting for another, better time. But it doesn't have to be that way. With The Art and Craft of Entertaining, author Kimberly Kennedy provides all the information and inspiration you need to plan, organize, and carry out a successful no-stress event. Marry some of her ideas with your own, and you'll be on the way to developing your style, gaining confidence as a hostess and elsewhere in your life.

Whether you're throwing a cocktail party, a baby shower, or an intimate dinner for two, The Art and Craft of Entertaining will take you there, step-by-step. Instructive and encouraging, this essential book lays the groundwork for entertaining with style, demonstrating how to craft a perfect invitation for any occasion, organize your supplies into versatile and efficient arsenals, and plan a satisfying meal without breaking your budget. The Art and Craft of Entertaining shows how to mix passion with planning so that you can throw the party of your dreams.

Inspiration without intimidation.

That's The Art and Craft of Entertaining.


Kristin said...

I'm there... as if you didn't know! :)

Jessi said...

I just checked out her webpage...may need to get the book now, she lays it out so wonderfully it would be easy to follow.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome book! I'll have to check it out!!

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