Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things that drive my husband crazy

As Matt and I prepare to celebrate our five year anniversary (!), I thought it might be fun to illustrate to you just how far I am from the perfect wife. You know me, I'm all for keeping it real.

Behold, things that drive my sweet husband crazy.

1. I am terrible at ironing. So bad, in fact, that I beg Matt to iron my clothes for me. #domesticfail

2. I leave cups of water and tea all over the house. Usually one on the nightstand from when I go to bed, one in the living room from that evening, and one on the kitchen counter that I may use again. It's just slightly annoying to him. I tell him I'm just trying to save him the worry that I could become dehydrated.

3. I constantly harrass him for using ranch dressing on everything. He doesn't even use it as often as he used to (he's a total ranch head) but when he does I still have.to.make.a.comment.

4. I find really fun DIY projects that look "so easy!" and then make him do them for me.

5. And lastly, I make to do lists.

For him.


Emily said...

1, 2 and 4 are me too! And sort of number 5, but it drives him more crazy that I make multiple to-do lists (for me) and leave them around like my water cups :)

Anonymous said...

My hope is that people read this post not because I want to be noticed but because you are reading a blog from someone who is truly an amazing person, friend and wife. I usually do not get on the blog to read what Jennifer is writing as I get to live in her beautiful world everyday but you do need to know what drives me crazy makes me love her that much more. I'm not sure what I would do if there weren't Jennifer cups everywhere, lists for me to get done, ironing to be done at the last minute, projects that I actually hate at first but love in the end and at least she buys the ranch. She holds this family together, puts her friends and family before herself and thinks she can't handle certain things but will kick your butt if you get in her way. 5 years ago tomorrow she made my life whole and I cannot wait for the next day, week, month and years to see what comes next. Yes, we've been through a lot but I am truly blessed to have Jennifer by my side through it all. She has given me two amazing and beautiful children and the family I always wanted. I am Living the Good Life. - Love You, Matt

Design A-Peele said...

I love it! I think these are endearing. And I love that your sweet husband came on here and commented! Y'all were so sweet and I loved meeting y'all! Let's definitely get together again soon!

Amy said...

Fun to catch up on your posts! #3 is us to a T... and your husbands sweet comment above made me cry :) I love love! Congratulations on your anniversary.

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