Tuesday, August 24, 2010

16 months later...


It's been 16 months since you were born. I should have known that when we had a scheduled c-section and you came on your own just 8 hours early that you were going to keep us on our toes :)
You are the greatest joy to us. You love to throw your arms around my neck and cuddle when you get tired and this is seriously the highlight of every day for me.
You are the sweetest, funniest little monkey I've ever met.
You cry when you don't get your way and I still check on you 3 times every night to make sure you're breathing. I guess we all have our vices.
You eat spinach which makes me happier than you could ever imagine. You point at my nose, my toes, my belly and show off all of your new words.
You are Ob-Sessed with shoes. It's literally your first word every morning when you wake up.
Every. Morning.
You love to "meow" whenever you see a cat and say hi and bye everytime we enter/leave a room. And you really emphasize the long "e" sounds so it's more like "hieeeee" and "byeeeee".
The other day I went into the kitchen to check on dinner and when I came back into the living room you were sitting on the coffee table. I would really prefer you not do that. Thanks.
I love you SO much that I don't even mind that you bring milions of germs home from daycare that give mommy colds (like I have right now).
That's a lot :)
(p.s. not sure why the spacing isn't working on here- sorry!)


Jenn said...

That's so sweet, Jenn. And do you really still check on her 3 times?!?!

The Marden Family said...

I do. It's totally obnoxious. I will really struggle if we ever move into a house where our bedrooms aren't right next to each other. OR I'll just be forced to be a little less neurotic :) haha

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