Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A case of mistaken identity

Lately it seems I keep getting mistaken for a 16 year-old high school student instead of a 28 year-old wife and mother. My mom says to enjoy it but I find it rather insulting. I wouldn't mind being told I look 22. I've always had a baby face so it wouldn't shock me. But 16? Honestly.

Example A:
A few weeks ago I was getting a pedicure because I knew once Matt left town I wouldn't be able to, and having my toes done is really just one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Along with massages, reeses peanut butter cup blizzards, and 90210 reruns. Anywhoo... I had a huge rug burn on my shin from playing around with Madelyn, and the lady doing my toes asked where I got it from. I told her I was playing with my little girl. You could have seen the look of shock and awe on her face from the parking lot. She said "ooh, you have a child??" and I said "yep, she's one" at which point she looked at me like I was the leading lady in a bad lifetime movie about high school pregnancy. After a few minutes she asked "how old are you?" to which I answered "28". She said "ooohh my!! I thought you were 16!! You look so so young." Rude.

Example B:
I'm picking a few items up from the alterations place when the lady checking me out notices I'm wearing a wedding ring. She points at my ring not so subtly and says "Oh Wow, you're married?!" Um yeah. Almost three years ago. She continues on "You just get married recently?" (Seriously, when did people get so nosy?!) I answer "No, I've been married for a while. I have a sweet little girl too!" She looks at me like I'm the victim of some disgusting mail-order bride scheme and a look of confusion washes over her face. "You look too young to be married!" to which I reply "I AM TWENTY-EIGHT!"
Her response: "Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were only 16 or 17."

Case closed. I win.

It doesn't help that EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I try to buy wine at Publix they look at me and my ID like I'm trying to buy booze for the weekend party I'm hosting while my parents are out of town. I've even had the manager called over before. And lets be honest people, if I was in high school I'd probably be buying flavored Smirnoff and Zima from the liquor store, not chardonnay from Publix. Disreguard the fact that the only other things in my shopping cart are animal crackers, a pink sippy cup, and Lysol wipes.

I'm starting to feel like I need to cut my hair short and wear more makeup. Isn't that what you're supposed do when you get older?

Does this happen to anyone but me?


Kristin said...

Haha, you did not tell me these stories! I do not think you look that young, but I do think makeup helps. :) But, you know me and makeup.

Anonymous said...

You will look back on this post 20 years from now and be grateful for your youthful appearance Jen. What can I say, you come from a familty with great genes. ;) Believe it or not I was carded in my 30's and to this day people don't believe I have grown children! You are VERY fortunate, ENJOY IT...

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